What camera do you use?
I mainly use a Canon EOS 600D (aka EOS REBEL T3i). I think it’s been discontinued now, but the newer models from Canon are even better.

What does ‘Emilovely’ mean?
It doesn’t mean anything, as such. It’s just my name (Emily) with ‘love’ stuck in the middle, because I like the word ‘lovely’. Most ingenious.

Where do you live?
Brighton, on the south coast of England.

Why did you move to Brighton?
I didn’t… I was born here and it’s pretty great, so I’ve stayed.

What breed is Alfie?
West Highland White Terrier and proud of it.

Some of the products in your posts don’t look like they’ve been used, so how can you review them?
If a product looks unused it’s probably because I’ve taken the photo before using it or shortly after beginning to use it. Then I’ve tried the product for a while, liked it, written a blog post about it and used the photo I took previously. I tend to prefer products to look new in photos where possible, I just think it looks nicer.

Why don’t you ever post photos of yourself?
Short version – Because I’m shy.

Long [slightly ranty] version – Honestly? I’ve seen bloggers being viciously ripped apart by other women online for how they look, which they justify with some version of “if they put themselves out there, they have to expect criticism”.

My cup definitely doesn’t runneth over with the old self-confidence and I couldn’t handle even a fraction of the vitriolic abuse I see spewed at other people, so I just don’t “put myself out there”.

I wish people were nicer to each other. Women have enough to put up with (discrimination, periods, CHILDBIRTH etc.), it would be nice if we could all support each other…